Campaign Office - 2920 West Blount Street. Pensacola. FL 32505

Campaign Office

2920 West Blount Street. Pensacola. Florida 32505

My Motives

There is no doubt, we are living in the best place of the country. We have great climate, landscape, cultural heritage, and top of it has beautiful white sand beaches that should be a source to booming tourism. We need to do a lot for betterment of our future generation; focusing on unemployment, higher education, developing and grasping further oppertunities to grow our tourism industry. These are some of the salient features of his vision and thoughts:

Decrease Unemployment

In order to decrease the unemployment rates, we need economic development, create jobs and helps skilled workers to become entrepreneurs. I would like to have more technical institution in this area for basic training and tools to exploit their potentials. We have tremendous advantage of having large percentage of youth population who could be the best utilized by providing jobs when small scale industries are setup. I encourage and strive for establishment of more industries. Escambia County has a definite opportunity to establish industries.

Higher Education

We feel proud to have a Good University (UWF) in Escambia County which offers degrees in many different fields, but unfortunately we deprive in two important major professional field such as Medical and Law. Our children may opt to move out of town for these professional degrees. This serious compounds to financial burden on the parents shoulder and some children even can’t initiate this move at first instance due to family reasons. I plan to do my untiring & relentless efforts to get UWF have Medical and Law School.

Economic & Industrial Development

To improve our community, individuals who want to implement their business ideas. These entrepreneurs are the foundations of our future. By promoting entrepreneurship in our community we need to establish more technical institutions for Trade & Technical Skills. Our young minds need a healthy and supportive place for ideas and innovations to grow. We should provide a entrepreneur friendly business environment where new business ideas can flourish and increase the flow of our local economy.


Escambia County has natural beauty, but still doesn’t have sufficient attraction for tourists. I want to encourage and plans to increase more attraction for tourists which also a way to achieve the financial goal and create more jobs.

Trade & Technical Skills

By promoting entrepreneurship in our community we need to establish more technical institutions for Trade & Technical Skills. I plan for establishment of more technical schools in Escambia County.


Mirza Ahmad

for County Commissioner, District#3, Escambia County. Florida.

Political advertisement paid for and approved by Mirza Ahmad, NPA for County Commissioner District#3, Escambia County. Florida.

Biographic History, Education & Experiences

Ahmad is an industrious person, who has numerous years of experience in various fields like, Legal, Retail, Real Estate, Construction, Rental Properties, Management and sales etc. Ahmad knows values of customs, cultures and people. In order to learn and understand various dynamics of societies, Ahmad visited many other countries.
Mirza A. Ahmad-53
Born March 04, 1963
Bachelors in Political Science, Economics & Law

Obtained his basic education from public schools then pursued for higher education. Ahmad obtained Bachelor degrees in Political Science and Economics in 1990 and then the prestigious Law Degree from University of Karachi in 1993, thereafter; attached to legal profession as Criminal Defense Lawyer. Ahmad completed English language courses from Georgia State University, Atlanta. Ahmad has been happily married with Noureen since 1994, they have son Sohail, 18. The family moved to Pensacola in November 1998 and actively engaged in conducting successful businesses such as Retail, Construction, Real Estate, Rental Properties and Auto Sales known as SAM’S CAR. Ahmad’s persistent involvement and continuous strive in expanding his businesses is a cause to his success. Ahmad is commonly known as an honest and successful businessman who always honors his commitments. Being friendly, cheerful and helpful to others is the hallmark of his personality. In the other word, Ahmad is a people’s person who can be tried, tested in every aspects of life.

Community members who support my cause

I am honored to be supported by prompt members of our community
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Danny Ruben

Danny is proud supporter of Mr. Ahmads cause. He believes that we can improve the education system in Escambia County, Florida.
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Mary Mathews

Miss. Mathews is a neighbor to Mr. Ahmad Mirza. Miss. Mathews supports Ahmad’s motives to reduce unemployment, increase tourism and entrepreneurship.
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Irfan Sukhera

Mr. Irfan Sukhera has been a good friend and business associate of Mr. Ahmad. Mr. Sukhera understands and supports the need for more tourism in Escambia County, Florida.
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Michael Allen

Mr. Michael Allen is a respected member of this community, he owns Unity Enterprises and has known Ahmad for a few years. Both share common vision for our community and Mr. Allen supports Ahmad’s campaign for Commissioner of District#3 Escambia FL.

Some Testimonials about Ahmad

A few words from local community members

I invite my community members to check out my blog for my stand on issues that i wish to address as District# 3 Commissioner. I welcome all comments, suggestions or questions from you. If you wish to take a look at my campaign financial reports then please click button to the right.

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